Toe Cap

Anti Slip

Oil Resistant

Anti Static

Combined Split Welder Sleeves

Protective Arm Guard

  • This EPI does not propagate the ame when it comes in contact, accidentally, with an open
    ame. It protects the wearer against small drops of molten metal from welding or cutting,
    but not against large splashes of metal cast in Foundry operations. It protects the skin of the
    carrier against the eects of ultraviolet light produced in the welding arc.
    Shou ld not be used when there is a risk of entrapment by moving parts of machines
    Must be stored in plastic bags in cardboard boxes in a dry place and protected
    from light and as far as possible
    Sleeves, both new and used, should be inspected thoroughly before use, especially after a cleaning
    and treatment before putting them, to make sure there is no damage present. They should not be polluting
    conditions if it is to reuse them, in which case everything is possible, provided there is no danger,
    before removing it should be cleaned.
Material LEATHER
Length (cm) 49 +/- 0.5 cm
Thickness (mm) 1.1 – 1.2
Wrist Knitted
Colour / Color Yellow
Interior finish
Exterior finish Leather
Size 10
Packaging 12 pairs / bag – 72 pairs / carton