CABSON ENTERPRISES is one of India’s leading companies in the business of personal protective equipment (PPE) since last 20 years.

S1 which in simple words means SAFETY 1st is a brand owned by CABSON ENTERPRISES.

With an experience of 2 decades and sales of 2 million pairs of safety shoes and 25 million pairs of safety gloves as channel partner for some of the leading brands we realized that the market is cluttered with typical safety shoes and gloves which look very ordinary and provide a very basic level of quality and comfort.

From our experience we learnt that the customers are looking for attractive designs ,premium quality and superior comfort at an affordable cost when buying safety shoes and gloves. We felt there was a huge gap in the market between what the established brands were offering and what the customers really wanted ,So we decided to take a bold step to fill this gap.

This inspired us to launch our very own brand of safety shoes and safety gloves ,Thus with a fusion of design & technology we gave birth to a new generation of high performance safety shoe and safety gloves.

We have pushed beyond what’s possible and redefined safety shoes and safety gloves by introducing a product range like no other ,With unparalleled comfort ,Advanced technical specifications and premium quality materials.

For the first time the safety shoes and safety gloves industry has been revolutionized with breakthroughs to deliver a true pioneering experience .We didn’t just create better safety shoes and safety gloves ,We redefined the whole segment.

S1 isn’t just a high end safety shoes and safety gloves brand, It’s a Revolution!

WHY S1 ?

We are ambitious innovators -

Working with the best shoe designers ,technicians and manufacturing facilities .We have gone all out to develop a very unique and exciting range of safety shoes .

We are quality fanatics -

We have relentlessly worked on every minute details and ensured that we deliver the very best quality product to our customers .

We are Honest -

Our word is true .Reliability ,honesty and trust are the guidelines for our partnership with our customers ,dealers and suppliers.

We are socially responsible -

People are in the centre of all our actions .We take our mission to protect people very seriously ,We listen to you to constantly develop ourselves.

We are Optimist -

We are embarking on this exciting journey with great enthusiasm and we firmly believe that “Nothing is Impossible” .