About Human Foot


The Foot is a fantastic construction that consists of 26 bones ,33 joints and more than a 100 muscles ,tendons and ligaments , All of which work together to provide support ,balance and mobility .

Our feet takes us to places in our life and to make this journey comfortable we require good shoes that cushion ,balance and protect our feet .

In view of the fact that each one of us walks approximately 2000 – 2500 kms every year ,It is not difficult to realise the importance of correct shoes .In addition to this many people walk in dangerous environments where protective footwear is a must.

Foot problems often develop slowly and insidiously and the potential for foot problems increases with age. Typical foot problems are skin and toenail complaints, pain and injuries due to abnormal stresses and strains.

If your feet do not have the correct support – or glide backwards and forwards in your shoes – they can easily suffer abnormal strain. This results in you tensing the muscles and tendons in your feet abnormally. In the long term, this can result in injury to your knees, hips and back.

Prevent these problems and injuries by choosing shoes of the correct size. Choose a shoe that has a shock-absorbing effect.